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Yeah, Let’s Boycott the ENTIRE STATE of Utah!

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I will write more about this. For now, suffice to say I am not going to sit down any more and allow this kind of bigoted hypocrisy continue. People are so fast to forget their god now that the @#$% hits the fan regarding their believe systems.

Utah faces boycott after Mormon work for Prop 8

Some talking points:

  1. “The main focus is going to be going after the Utah brand,” he said. “At this point, honestly, we’re going to destroy the Utah brand. It is a hate state.”
    What a blatant, bigoted attack! Lets destroy (notice the usage of the word here, no hate in that right) the Utah brand. It is a hate (yeah, lets let the pot call the kettle black shall we?) state. Unbelievable!

The more I ponder this, the less I focus on proposition 8 and more on the hypocrisy of the special interest groups (in this case the gay and lesbian groups), and their blatant intolerance to those that may have contradictory opinions about issues that affect everyone.


I have come to realize I was a tad irate while all of this was happening. When it comes to being attacked, I take it a bit personally. Hopefully all this will all just fizzle out as most things like this do.

Prop 8 Protesters in SLC: Religious Bigotry

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Its 1:25am. I am tired of listening, watching and reading about today’s protest regarding preparation 8. I have many feelings about it and have little time to compose a meaningful and eloquent post about it. So, I will let the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento do it for me, I like their approach anyhow.

Catholic Bishop Decries Religious Bigotry Against Mormons.

And from the horses mouth…

Former Catholic Bishop of Salt Lake City Decries Religious Bigotry in Political Ad; Defends LDS Role in California Ballot Initiative Protecting Traditional Marriage.