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SWFObject Codebase Moves to Google Code

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While doing some Flash coding today I noticed the SWFObject homepage had a notice that all the code had moved to Google Code as the new and improved (lowercase) swfobject. For anyone not familiar with swfobject, it is (IMHO) the de facto JavaScript library/API for embedding and enabling Adobe Flash applications on the web. Version 2.0 has been completely revamped with a pretty steep upgrade path, so do not do it lightheartedly.

<swfobject> google Project Page

Encoding and Downloading FLV Media

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One of the greatest features of Flash is the ability to encode video for online playback. For those that have not done this, the quick notes version:

  1. Create a blank Flash movie (somewhere near the dimensions of the source video)
  2. File | Import | Import to library…
  3. Select Windows | Library OR CTRL + L for those key-jockeys out there
  4. Select the imported movie from the library
  5. Right-click | Properties
  6. In the Embedded Video Properties dialog box, click Export.
  7. Save the movie for later use

Now, what if we want to be able to download an FLV movie from somewhere on the web. Lately I have been researching ways to leverage various online social media provider’s technologies (and uhm, assets.) In doing so, I rely heavily on Fiddler, an HTTP debugging proxy which logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet (that is all IE traffic.) By listening to the HTTP requests being sent from any embedded Flash application from your local computer, FLV assets from YouTube, Brightcove and others are easily retrievable. Although there are freely available plug-ins for Firefox and Internet Explorer that occasionally work, oftentimes it becomes necessary to dig in and get your hands dirty. Let’s dirty up…