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Let the flaming begin…

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In continuance of my rip session on Zorro, here is another session.

Since when do they where Nike tennis shoes in the 1800s (or whenever Zorro took place?)

B98.7 So Called ‘Free Tickets’

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When you call in and are told you’ve won ‘tickets to the premier showing’ of a movie, one damn well expects to see TICKETS to the movie.

Let me elaborate, yesterday, Nicole called into B98.7 and ended up “winning” two “free tickets” to the premier showing of Zorro. She was told to “make sure she showed up early” to stand in line as the seats would go early. So we show up with our so called ‘free’ movie passes and end up paying $17 to see an entirely different movie.

Here are how things transpired. I show up an hour early to stand in line. 30 minutes later, someone in the line happens to mention that I had better ‘redeem’ my ‘free movie pass’ for actual movie tickets. What? “Yeah, you can’t get into the movie with those passes.” Nowhere on the passes does it mention we are to ‘redeem’ our ‘free movie passes’ for legitimate ‘movie tickets’. You mean I’ve been standing in this line for 30 minutes WITH ILLEGITIMATE MOVIE PASSES!!! Needless to say, I rush to the box-office only to find out the movie had already sold out. NO TICKETS!

The thing that really bothered me was that when I explained what had happened to Nic and I, the ‘studio rep’ wouldn’t even attempt to help us out. She even tried to explain to me that it ‘says right on the pass’ that we had to redeem our tickets prior to the show. Hmm, what do you think?

M$ Office Trick

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Whilst googleing articles on creating custom, hierarchical sitemaps, I ran across this guys post on a trick to do a window split without having to grab that damn drag bar in the upper right hand corner. As I use this quite frequently, I deemed it important enough to comment on.

Thanks Morgan.


King of TAP Replacement Claims

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I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be too proud of this title, as I have, for the 3rd time, cracked the display on my PDA. I have nothing to say other than, break out the wallet-book. (It happened while slamming the rear door shut in the Pathfinder.) Gets a Face Lift

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Not to confuse this with Nip-Tuck, but I finally got so sick of my old, blah design, that I spent some quality time and actually did a decent design. I was planning on migrating my posts and such into another format (i.e. WordPress or CommunityServer), but it was just taking too much time.

My ScanJet 3970 Debacle

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Over the past couple of nights I have been battling a seriously messed up HP ScanJet 3970. The error: “Unable to communicate with the TWAIN device”. A once fully functional, trouble-free piece of electronic equipment turned maliciously evil. I write in hopes that someone out there will run across my finding BEFORE they spend hour upon painful hour attempting to troubleshoot the beast of burden.

Now, I don’t claim this will fix every ‘TWAIN’ communication error, but hopefully it will fix a few. Lets start shall we!

Halo coming to the big screen

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Great news. First Doom, now Halo. I wonder which one will be better.