SharePoint Wiki Homepage Not Working

I ran into an issue when migrating a SharePoint Wiki list from one site to another. In creating a Wiki list based on a saved template (with content) the default home document was broken or not being set. So the QuickLink link takes you to the Wiki list default view, AllItems.aspx, rather than the Home.aspx document as it normally should. Apparently, WSS does not allow administrators to change the welcome page property, only MOSS.

In searching for a fix to this, I ran across a blog post of someone that had similar SharePoint Wiki Library issues, and recommended a great utility called the SharePoint Manager 2007. It allows you to view/edit the SharePoint object model directly.

So, to fix the broken Home.aspx Wiki list, you set the /Site/RootFolders/Wiki/WelcomePage property to "Home.aspx".

Hope this helps someone else out there.

2 Responses to “SharePoint Wiki Homepage Not Working”

  1. Guilherme Says:

    Excelent, thanks!

  2. Skowronek Says:

    You’re welcome. Glad this could help someone!