There’s a Monster in My Closet


Over the weekend, we had one of my nephews over to play with the kids. Apparently, he deemed it a great idea to scare the daylights out of my kids by telling them all sorts of “horror” stories at bedtime. As you can guess, my 6 year was so terrified he would no longer sleep in his own bed, deciding it would be safer to sleep with mom and dad in their room. Well, as a concerned father and uncle, I could not allow such an opportunity go to waste.

While Nicole distracted them by sending them on some random errand downstairs, I slipped into my daughter’s bedroom (where they were sleeping) closet and patiently awaited their return. After they had returned and shut off the light, I softly, gradually commenced scratching the inside of the door. ¬†At first, they were unable to hear me. However, after a few minutes of increasing the intensity of my noise making, my daughter finally asked, “what is that sound?” The boys blamed the “noise” on my daughter’s guinea pigs. She didn’t buy it and ran into our room crying to Nicole about something making noises in her room. How Nicole kept a straight face I’ll never know.

After a bit, I started to push on the door to bang it on it’s hinges. That got the two remaining boys to quiet down. I heard whispers of, “what is that?” and “what are the Guinea pigs doing?” It was hard enough for me to keep a straight face, but I managed.

Finally, Nicole came back in with my daughter and flipped on the light just as the cousin was walking toward the closet door to investigate. Right when his hand hit the door-knob I busted out the closet to see he and my son both jump back in utter horror.

Once they realized what we had done, the entire room busted up laughing. It was a great moment in parenting.

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