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The first programming riddle on the net

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Very cool. I’ve only gotten through the first couple (due to lack of time.) Let me know if anyone finished it.

Google Content Blocker…I love it!

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Not that anyone would ever need this service.

Ever heard of the oil cooled computer

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I’m rocket scientist, but this just can’t be good for your computer.

Hacksense for AdSense

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Google cracks down pretty heavily on abusers of their AdSense services. This site claims to provide means to do so without ruining your reputation with Google.

Digital Photography center: Backyard photography

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Turn your LPs into MP3s

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Yet another reason to shut your mouth

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You have to love when a small segment of the open source community begins to tout the ‘unrivaled security’ of its product. Only to have its security fall faster than one legged drunk on a tightrope. For those of you interested, I’ve been using Firefox/Mozilla browsers for years and have found Maxthon an excellent alternative that has tabbed browsing (like Firefox) and utilizes the IE engine and it’s also freeware. Take a look.


Grapefruit and prescription drugs, who would have thought

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Next time you are taking presciption drugs, be sure to read the label carefully. I had no idea that grapefruit can effect your drug performance.