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Note to self: Submit Bug with Single Input Box ASP.NET

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Here is “one” of the many explanations.

Behold, Scentometer

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I have finally done it! Well, somewhat done it anyway.

Ever since we moved into Daybreak we have had the misfortune of experiencing the foul stench that is (we believe) the Trans Jordan Cities Landfill. As we live directly down wind from the facility, its on a monthly if not weekly cycle that around 6 or 7:00pm the stench permeates the air.

It was the first or second month of having to cover my mouth and nose with my coat sleeve that I decided I would someday build a web application that would allow visitors to submit rankings of the intensity of the stench in the air at any hour of the day. It was not until recently (past few months) that I decided enough was enough. So I came up with a snazzy name, bought the domain, and built the application on a fairly new technology (for me that is), Windows Live Virtual Earth.

Granted this is the .01 release, but at least I finally have something done and tracking submissions. I would eventually like to customize by adding user profiles, custom reports, widgets, etc. But for now, what is there will suffice my ego.


* DNS was just recently setup, so you may or may not be able to access the site