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Hacking the iPhone

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Got this from a friend today. Since I do not own an iPhone (but I do own a smartphone), this is a little disturbing to me.

Here is the original article on hacking the iPhone on

Note to self: How to perform “clean” reset an iPAQ hx2795

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So I’ve overloaded my PDA. Apparently, installing too much in the main memory can cause it to halt, and then never boot again. The problem is that with Windows Mobile 5, it has this neat “feature” that keeps data in the RAM even after a “hard reset”. This does not really help me, since I have too much in the main RAM. So, you do whats called a “clean” reset. Thanks HP for the help.

On Windows Mobile 5.0 products, a hard (full) reset stops all running programs, but does not clear user data or applications because they are stored in ROM (Persistent Store feature). A hard reset also resets all hardware registers. Users can perform a Clean Reset, in which the product is cleared to its factory defaults. A clean reset returns the HP iPAQ to the default Windows Mobile 5.0 settings with no user data or applications.

To perform a clean reset please follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Calendar button, the Power button, and the Messaging button.
  2. While holding these buttons, use the stylus to lightly press the Reset button on the bottom of the HP iPAQ.

Flat panel mouse?

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I was doing my daily dose of blog reading (during lunch of course) and ran across this article. Not sure exactly why you would ever do this other than to say you could. Hope you enjoy.

Nokia Mouse

King of TAP Replacement Claims

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I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be too proud of this title, as I have, for the 3rd time, cracked the display on my PDA. I have nothing to say other than, break out the wallet-book. (It happened while slamming the rear door shut in the Pathfinder.)

My ScanJet 3970 Debacle

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Over the past couple of nights I have been battling a seriously messed up HP ScanJet 3970. The error: “Unable to communicate with the TWAIN device”. A once fully functional, trouble-free piece of electronic equipment turned maliciously evil. I write in hopes that someone out there will run across my finding BEFORE they spend hour upon painful hour attempting to troubleshoot the beast of burden.

Now, I don’t claim this will fix every ‘TWAIN’ communication error, but hopefully it will fix a few. Lets start shall we!

Playstation 3 Pre-order on Amazon!

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You heard correctly, PS3 is apparently available for pre-order (or pre-notification) on Amazon. Check it out.

Looking for a good Macintosh Mod

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If you have ever needed an idea for modding your old G4 this is the place for you.

I decided to pull this link as the forum had some not-so-nice people posting rude and foul things. So sorry.

Looking for an alternative to an pricey PDA? Try Hipster

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Recently, I got sick of lugging my Palm V around, so I developed a vastly superior, greatly simplified device for capturing and sharing information. I call it “The Hipster PDA.”

I love it!