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"I like Silly Putty…"

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While in school (that is high school), some friends and I entered the “Mr. Hillcrest” contest. Part of the contest was to do a one minute monolog relating to a particular word we were given. When it came to me the word was paperclip. What a disaster. I was never one for being put on the spot. My friend Leon Uriarte was given the word ‘silly putty‘. It was one of the most hilarious things I had ever heard. The line I will remember for the rest of my life was “I love silly puddy”.

This little experiment was deemed the “Silly Putty Physics Experiment”.


Prep school teen naively embarcs Iraqi study abroad program

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I’m not exactly sure what to comment on this other than I have an overwhelming gut instinct that santa wasn’t able to visit him this Christmas.

Amazon Wishlist Badge

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In my quest to saturate with meaningful content rather than desecrate it with worthless drivel, I ran across a cool little tool that will allow me to present you, my devoted fan-base, the desires of my heart, Amazon junk! As soon as I have time to actually put it online, it will be a great addition to my already worthless side-bar.

Family Photos 2005

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Our yearly photo shoot turned out better than expected this year. We went up Little Cottonwood Canyon for this years excursion. I’ll be posting more once our Christmas cards get to their intended recipients (don’t want to spoil the surprise).