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CleanFlix version of 300

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I’m stuck at work doing a late night deployment (whoo hoo!) and whilst waiting I ran across a blog that had a video to undoubtedly the most hilarious teaser of the most excellent movie, 300.

Clearing start menu in Windows Mobile 5

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I recently installed a bunch of new utilities on my hx2795 and somehow screwed up my start menu to where the recent items was continually growing and growing each time I would click on the start menu. After uninstalling almost everything I still saw the problem. After scouring the registry and clearing every feasible reference, I was still unable to get the recent menu to go away! I finally found a utility that fixed the problem.

Link 1 | Link 2 | ClearTemp | Scott Seligman

Hu’s on first parody…quite laughable

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If you have ever seen or heard to the old “Who’s on First” bit between Abbott and Costello, you’ll enjoy this parody done with more current political figures. Granted this really cannot compare to the impeccable timing and prowess of Bud and Lou, but still, it’s humorous.

Disclaimer: May be offensive to some.