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Pumpcast News – Karaoke – Living on a Prayer

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I’m not sure if this was staged or not, but either way it’s spectacular!

Electrostatic Shock Therapy and Soccer Experiment

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I have thought of many other, useful scenarios where with one could utilize electrostatic shock to elicit a response. This was not one of them though.

Star Wars Toys That Never Made It

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I just happened to have watched the Family Guy, Blue Harvest tribute to Star Wars yesterday so I think that may be why I find this to be so funny. Ran across this while Googleing one of my favorite 80’s cartoons for my son, M.A.S.K.

Star Wars toys that never made it.

Another World of Warcraft-based Toyota Ad

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One can only wonder how many commercials can be based on WoW. I have not yet been sucked into the awe that is WoW, but this is quite good.

Feliz Navitoss

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Thanks dad Weeks for this splendid holiday spectacle that is Navitoss!

“I not got goobs”

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Tonight, during dinner, Nicole made reference to the dress (tutu) Brianne was wearing. Mainly, the fact it was showing her *ahem*, ‘boobs’. I proceeded to argue that that our child does not have ‘boobs’, rather a chest. Brianne then immediately countered with, “I not got GOOBS.” To which Nicole and I began to laugh hysterically at our clueless little princess.

Thus, the moral of our story, even when you feel your children are too young to comprehend your complex parental intercommunications; they are, and you’re not.

CleanFlix version of 300

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I’m stuck at work doing a late night deployment (whoo hoo!) and whilst waiting I ran across a blog that had a video to undoubtedly the most hilarious teaser of the most excellent movie, 300.

Hu’s on first parody…quite laughable

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If you have ever seen or heard to the old “Who’s on First” bit between Abbott and Costello, you’ll enjoy this parody done with more current political figures. Granted this really cannot compare to the impeccable timing and prowess of Bud and Lou, but still, it’s humorous.

Disclaimer: May be offensive to some.