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Flat panel mouse?

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I was doing my daily dose of blog reading (during lunch of course) and ran across this article. Not sure exactly why you would ever do this other than to say you could. Hope you enjoy.

Nokia Mouse

My attempt to “clog the internet”

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You’re welcome!

No more “Orrin” for you…

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I apologize in advance for my obvious inadequacies in articulating my thoughts regarding politically motivated themes (I practically failed political-science in college), so please bare with me. As a fairly liberal republican I feel it sad and disgusting that I am considering the boycott of one Orrin G. Hatch for the recent shenanigan’s he pulled with the dope-head-silver-spoon-fed, Dallas Austin, that was recently busted and released (thanks in part to Mr. Hatch) for drug possession in Dubai. Not only do I find this appalling but outrageous.

Harsh? Perhaps, but when you have an elected official with that kind of power, picking and choosing when, or when not to intervene, and decides to intervene in this type of scandal, that elected official no longer represents the people, rather himself and his personal/political interests.

Thank you, and goodnight.