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Well, I am finally getting to conluding this phase of the BFL adventure. As I did not actually make the 12 weeks timeline I really cannot form an opinion of the successfullness or not of the plan. I will say, however, that I lost 20 lbs in the 9 weeks I followed. The final 3 weeks were full of long nights and late mornings. To top it all off, I lost about 2 weeks of entries due to my PHPBB posts being deleted. All-in-all I feel the diet helped and I continue with the workouts.

Day 32 : 02.10.2005

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Today was an intensene cardio day. I had to make it a short one as I THOUGHT I had a meeting at work, but alas, no meeting at work. I was able to increase my intensity level even more. I’m not doing 10 minutes of 6-10, then 20 minutes of 8-12. I might even be able to go up to 10-14 my next round.

Ryan never showed up. I’m assuming he is hammered from working on his basement.

Day 31 : 02.09.2005

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Well I hope to be back on track now. The weekend really hit me hard. Relaxation, eating, and playing was wonderful. However, returning to the real world was tougher than I though.

Anyway, Ryan and I did legs today. Went well. I saw a buddy of mine from my bachelor days. I was too paranoid about my appearance that I didn’t even say hi. Hopefully, losing my weight will get me to be a little more friendly.

Day 30 : 02.08.2005

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Well I am completely and utterly ashamed at myself. Nicole and I went on a little outing to a bed and breakfast for our anniversary and so getting up on Monday was not happening. However, today Ryan and I did a cardio workout, and to try to make-up for my lazy day, I did a 40 minute routine. Not bad.

Day 27 : 02.05.2005

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Another cardio day down the tube. I’ve finding it harder and harder to actually write in here. For those of you reading this, sorry for the delays!

Day 26 : 02.04.2005

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My legs after today’s workout…

That’s all I have to say today.

Day 25 : 02.03.2005

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Another cardio day. I need to increase my intensity. I was able to breeze through this time. Ryan and I have decided to change our abs day to our cardio day too. That way we aren’t at the gym so long on our leg (lower body) days.

Day 24 : 02.02.2005

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Ryan and I did an little heavier lift today on upper body. I’m hoping to be back up on bench in a month or so. I’m topping out at 205 right now (I tried to do 215 6 times and about killed myself.) I would REALLY like to get back up to 275 repetitions.