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DSL Configuration with multi-line home

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Over the weekend I spent a few hours at the in-laws place trying to get their brand-spanking new DSL modem from Earthlink setup. What I expected to take at most an hour ended up being over 5 hours, and I wasn’t even able to get them on DSL!

Here’s the deal…they have a multi-line phone system. Each phone line has standard 4 pair phone wire, both of which have active connections running.

The first problem I ran into was that Earthlink had setup the DSL on the wrong line! I couldn’t just plug in a phone cable into the back of the DSL and have it work.

Second, the DSL filters that come with the system only allow one line through. They aren’t configured to work with multiple lines.

So I’m stuck having to figure out how to connect the right line that is carrying the DSL signal to the DSL modem WITHOUT killing both lines going through a particular jack (specifically the one in the office.) I’ll present more as I figure this out.