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My Conversation with Verizon Wireless Regarding NSA Wire-Tapping

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Today, I decided to discover just how Verizon Wireless would respond to my inquiry about their releasing my private phone records to the Federal Government, in spite of the fact I’m not being investigated for a crime, nor do they (the Fed) have a warrant for such information (remember that whole Constitution thing?)


Here is the transcript of that brief but revealing chat…

Jimmy: Good morning Jason, how can I help out?
Jason: i'd like to find out how I can be assured you aren't releasing my phone records to the NSA?
Jason: and i'm being totally serious
Jimmy: Yeah I definitely understand Jason. We as a corporation comply with all court orders by the Federal Government, and can unfortunately not comment further.
Jason: is there some sort of privacy policy I can reference?
Jason: so this is the canned answer you guys are supposed to tell everyone right?
Jimmy: I really do understand, Jason. But at this time I cannot comment further, and I do apologize.
Jason: thanks! and I realize you're doing your job. just was curious.
Jimmy: Thanks so much for your understanding Jason.

Regardless of your political affiliation, we are all now witness to the complete and utter shredding of the constitution, right in front of our faces.

In all of this, my disgust and turmoil is not necessarily aimed at Verizon Wireless, but rather the governmental power to make it so. I thought there was checks and balances that kept that from occurring.

My Feelings on Recent Events

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How Little Voters Knew About Issues

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Apparently there are people that were not informed on the issues when they voted his almighty into office.

Documentary reveals how little Obama voters knew about issues.

President Benson on Socialism

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Thanks Jason for this audio clip. I went to YouTube and was able to locate the full (or most of the) speech President Benson gave. Pay close attention from 2:00 on. Interesting comparison of how this is happening in our day in age. Granted, this was probably given at the height of the Cold War, nonetheless, it has truth as we watch our nation fold to socialist ideas and policies.

Prop 8 Protesters in SLC: Religious Bigotry

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Its 1:25am. I am tired of listening, watching and reading about today’s protest regarding preparation 8. I have many feelings about it and have little time to compose a meaningful and eloquent post about it. So, I will let the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento do it for me, I like their approach anyhow.

Catholic Bishop Decries Religious Bigotry Against Mormons.

And from the horses mouth…

Former Catholic Bishop of Salt Lake City Decries Religious Bigotry in Political Ad; Defends LDS Role in California Ballot Initiative Protecting Traditional Marriage.

Obama’s Tax Plan For Dummies

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Another Obama fallacy, the claim that his tax plan increase on incomes of $250,000 or more is only on those that “individually” earn over $250,000. This small business owner has explained how this will affect his business. Yes, it affects you, Utahns. Even if you do not personally take in $250,000. Utah has around 236,000 small businesses. This means, of those 236,000, I would imagine most if not all bring in more than $250,000. All of you feeling Obama is on your side, he is not. He is twisting the truth.

Obama’s Fallacy on the Role of Government

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How naive and (yes, I’ll say it) socialist can you be!!!

Obama’s New Attack on Those Who Don’t Want Higher Taxes: ‘Selfishness’

“…when young people can all go to college, when everybody’s got decent health care, when everybody’s got a little more money at the end of the month…”

This is not the role of government unfortunately. That is the fallacy of his argument. It’s the role of government to make sure the infrastructure is there for us all to make this happen for ourselves, not for “them” to determine it for us.

Is Nothing Sacred!!!

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As with any ol’ political campaign, there always has to be some cracker/script kiddie advocacy/special interest group breaking the law to push their agenda.

Sarah Palin Yahoo! e-mail account cracked.