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Another World of Warcraft-based Toyota Ad

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One can only wonder how many commercials can be based on WoW. I have not yet been sucked into the awe that is WoW, but this is quite good.

Custom, Undocumented YouTube Player Parameters

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Apparently, YouTube has a few undocumented parameters that can effect the display of certain elements of an embedded player. I ran across this post in their developer forums following a request by a work associate to figure out how to hide the options displayed at the end of a played movie. Here is the list of known parameters along with the URL to the actual post:

  • rel = 0/1 -> value for showing related videos
  • color1 = hexadecimal color code -> value for the base color
  • color2 = hexadecimal color code -> value for the over color
  • border = 0…x -> value for the border width
  • autoplay 0/1 -> value for automatically starting the video to play
  • eurl = -> I believe this is the referring URL. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
  • iurl = Path to the thumbnail image (I believe)

Custom URL parameters for YouTube embedded players

Another Bugatti Veyron Amazement

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While browsing one of my favorite automobile wallpaper web sites, I ran across this amazing video. I’ve seen the Lotus Elite against a combat helicopter, but a car vs. fighter jet, how much more wicked can it get!

One Republic: Apologize

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I rarely jump on the band wagon when it comes to music, but I am afraid not only did I jump, but leaped head first on to this one. Beat, melody, rhythm it has it all.

Here is the link to the one they did with Timbaland.

Brianne’s first day at ballet class

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I guess all that toe walking has paid off for our little princess. Since Brianne can literally walk on her toe knuckles (as she so often does around the house) I figured she be a quick learn at ballet.

NYPC: Somewhat intoxicating rythm and beat

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I ran across this online whilst doing freelance work. Not sure exactly how, but I’m glad I did. Some of you may not really enjoy this quite as much as I did. I find it addicting to listen to.

Chevrolet Transformers

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I’m up late, yet again, and have run across a very cool site done by Chevrolet. I managed to pull down the SWF’s of their Transformer models. Get them while their hot.

To Reminisce the Revenge of the Nerds

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The other day Nicole and I were thumbing through the channels and came across one of the oldies from my teen-hood, Revenge of the Nerds. As a software developer I have to say it hits close to home since I am regularly called a nerd by my wife. After lavishing in the splendor that is a smidgen of 80’s film making, the scene appeared where the Lambda Lambda Lambda nerds perform an amazing, synthesized, musical piece. As it finished playing I thought to myself, “that would make for one kick-ass ring tone to replace my generically boring default Treo ring-tone.” So I decided to make one! Fellow nerds, behold, the Revenge of the Nerds movie theme song ring-tone!