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To Reminisce the Revenge of the Nerds

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The other day Nicole and I were thumbing through the channels and came across one of the oldies from my teen-hood, Revenge of the Nerds. As a software developer I have to say it hits close to home since I am regularly called a nerd by my wife. After lavishing in the splendor that is a smidgen of 80’s film making, the scene appeared where the Lambda Lambda Lambda nerds perform an amazing, synthesized, musical piece. As it finished playing I thought to myself, “that would make for one kick-ass ring tone to replace my generically boring default Treo ring-tone.” So I decided to make one! Fellow nerds, behold, the Revenge of the Nerds movie theme song ring-tone!

Every Car You Chase Mashup

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I was watching Boysum’s brother Lucas’ engagement move today. On it was one of the best done mashups I have ever heard with The Police (Every Breath You Take) and Snow Patrol (Chasing Cars). I wanted to see if I could find the song online and ran across the person that actually did the mashup, VJ Brewsky. For those of you Police fans this might upset you a bit to attempt to enhance an already perfect song, but I have to admit, this song rocks.

Update: I decided to compress in WMV format for a smaller download. Every Car You Chase (right-click | save as… to download).

Update: Found it on YouTube as well…

“Wax on…wax off” has just taken an entirely new meaning

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Sent from a work associate as a counter to one of those “80’s” flashback links.

I can’t believe they were able to pull all the old cast members together for this. Amazing!

Behold Sweep the leg