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Might as well talk about UT3

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Today was a stress-free, work-free day. What does that mean? I relax, I attend a couple of church meetings, and I research all the technology (games mostly) I’ve missed out on over the past year or so. Not that BioShock was not worthy of posting on, but the fact Unreal Tournament III is on the verge of release has me giddy, yet again, for the game I can assure you has taken more hours of my life than any of the others in my digital amusement arsenal.

However, having said that, it’s 12:30am on Monday morning (Sunday night) and I REALLY need to get up early and workout. So, in lieu of my limited time, I leave you all with a screen-shot and link to the Unreal Tournament III web site.


Come all ye subscribers

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Apparently I’m a dork. Okay, not just a dork, but a bumbling idiot. When I migrated this site on to WordPress, I assumed I had set it up to allow people to register to my new blog so you could all comment. “I get traffic, why doesn’t anyone comment?” Well, I just realized today I had not enabled that particular feature. Well, my sin has been forgiven and I have turned on registration and commenting. With moderated comments, I can keep those “free Paris sex video” type posters at bay.


Brianne’s first day at ballet class

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I guess all that toe walking has paid off for our little princess. Since Brianne can literally walk on her toe knuckles (as she so often does around the house) I figured she be a quick learn at ballet.

NYPC: Somewhat intoxicating rythm and beat

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I ran across this online whilst doing freelance work. Not sure exactly how, but I’m glad I did. Some of you may not really enjoy this quite as much as I did. I find it addicting to listen to.