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The Secret of NIMH, Live Action

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Apparently certain scientists were deprived as children in not having seen the The Secret of NIHM. I wonder if they would have been so anxious to further this research had they actually seen what happens when you mix rats with genetic research.

The mouse that shook the world


Actual working bi-ped Mecha

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As I worked over 60 hours this week, I haven’t had time to really even see anything out there interesting to write about. I did have this in my inbox from a while ago so I figured I’d put it online. Not quite the Robotech Mecha that I would like to see, but hey, its a step forward in the right direction.

Naked Gun, eat your heart out

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As a seasoned netizen, I feel it my moral obligation to post this clip. I feel so incredibly bad for her. The ones who should be blamed are the technical crew monitoring her every broadcast (or perhaps not monitoring in this instance.)

Wake up Salt Lake City, your “Mayor” has spoken

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I really don’t have time to elaborate on today’s speach by Mr. Anderson, but I want to quote a line that made my blood boil:

“…that person is a sycophant, that person is a member of a frightening culture of obedience, a culture where falling in line with authority is more important then choosing what is right even if it is not easy, safe or popular…”

 Wake up SLC, Utah, he is talking to ever single one of you who DON’T support his anti-war, anti-freedom, anti-democracy agenda. Perhaps this will finally open your eyes to the belligerance of this man who you have placed in office.

Catalog my Avatars

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As you may have noticed, I have recently posted various avatar images I have produced from various other images I have run across on the web. I have decided to catalog each and every avatar I use in hopes to keep some sort of history of my creative genius, however feable my attempts might be.

Adios PHPBB, Hello WordPress

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So I finally decided to take the plunge into the unknown. Granted it was more like a fathomless abyss than the unknown, but you get the point. I have spent the past couple of days creating the ‘Skowronek PHPBB to WordPress’
migration application using .NET and I am quite pleased with the results. If anyone is interested in how I did it, sent me an e-mail and I’ll consider posting my findings. The only caveat is that the PHPBB data was stripped of all comments in the migration, but then again, I mostly had moles posting casino, corn (with a P), and other such rubbish anyway, so no harm no foul.

Daybreak makes CNN

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Described as the ‘mega-suburb’ by CNN, Daybreak holds a special place in my heart for my family and I are to be permanent residents in that thar land (pending approval of adequate funding along with my right arm.)

I’m not sure I agree with the comment that it’s “twice the size of San Francisco”, but I will say, that when completed, we will be in the coolest little towns in the entire Salt Lake Valley. Not to mention, 1/2 mile away from the Biggest Movie Theater in the Universe™. Tops Google Search Results

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It’s official, after months of trying to beat out the other Jason Skowronek‘s of the world, we are now the top result on Google search for ‘Jason Skowronek’. Blessed be the SEO gods for touching the face of this humble yet influencial web site.

Now, all that is left is to beat out our SEO foe, Steven Skowronek (notice, no cross link to his site!!!), for the coveted ‘Skowronek‘ top search results.