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Create Multiple Web Sites on XP Version of IIS

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‘ Create an instance of the virtual directory object
‘ that represents the default Web site.
Set IIsWebVDirRootObj = GetObject(“IIS://localhost/W3SVC/1/Root”)

‘ Use the Windows ADSI container object “Create” method to create
‘ a new virtual directory.
Set IIsWebVDirObj = IIsWebVDirRootObj.Create(“IIsWebVirtualDir”, “NewVDir”)

‘ Use the Windows ADSI object “Put” method to
‘ set some required properties.
IIsWebVDirObj.Put “Path”, “C:\NewContent”
IIsWebVDirObj.Put “AccessRead”, True
IIsWebVDirObj.Put “AccessScript”, True

‘ Use the AppCreate2 method of the IIS ADSI provider to
‘ create an application on the new virtual directory.
IIsWebVDirObj.AppCreate2 1
IIsWebVDirObj.Put “AppFriendlyName”, “NewApp”

‘ Use the Windows ADSI object “SetInfo” method to
‘ save the data to the metabase.

Actual working bi-ped Mecha

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As I worked over 60 hours this week, I haven’t had time to really even see anything out there interesting to write about. I did have this in my inbox from a while ago so I figured I’d put it online. Not quite the Robotech Mecha that I would like to see, but hey, its a step forward in the right direction.

Weird Indian Tatto-ish Break Dancer

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I always come across the oddest things while shopping online. This time I was hunting a promotional coupon to my purchase and ran across a post. Something is definitely demented about this clip. You be the judge.

Buddy Icon Collage – 2006-09-27

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A collage of sorts, made up of various buddy icons I’ve used over the past few months. I try to keep them fresh and exciting for all of you with whom I chat.

Enjoy while they last.

Amazing Honda Choir Commercial

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While driving home from work today I heard a plug on the radio for a commercial done by Honda. Apparently, they hired some famous choir to do one of their snazzy commercials. It was also being hosted on YouTube and freely available. So I did a search on YouTube for ‘honda choir’ and voila, the first item on my search results was this:

Now isn’t that just amazing. Well, that’s not the reason I’m writing, for in the related channel bar was another movie, one that made me laugh so hard I about fell off my chair. Now keep in mind, its important you watch the Honda version first, then the parody after.

Great stuff!!!