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La Vida Robot

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A great article from Wired Magine about how four underdogs from the mean streets of Phoenix took on the best from M.I.T. in the national underwater bot championship and won.

Super Tangent (Formerly Super Shuffle)

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Prior to getting hacked, I had posted a link to the LuxPro Super Shuffle, a blatant ripoff of the iPod Shuffle. It appears the Apple folks have (rightly so) put substantial pressure on them as they have now renamed their blatant ripoff the ‘Super Tangent’.

And I Thought I’d Heard of it All…

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Move over Ronald, here comes someone ‘beefier’. Kids it’s time for Buffo the Clown!

GMail Accounts Available

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Anyone interested in a GMail account, I have something like 30 or so invitations that still need to be used. Just reply to this post and I’ll make sure and hook you up.

Online Game Map Atlas

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Ever wonder how to get from point A to point B in Mario World? What about The Legen of Zelda? Well, wonder no more.

Matrix/Terminator Conspiracy

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Well, not that this really effects my opinions of these superb movie trilogies, but it turns out both the Matrix and Terminator stories were ‘stolen’ from a Utah native, Sophia Stewart. Amazing what the movie/entertainment industries thinks they can get away with. I wonder if she’ll release the manuscripts?

Googlex Revisited

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It appears speculations flying around about Google pulling it’s googlex labs page are true, thus I’ve decided to put an example of the slick and MACicized googlex page here.


Googlex: MACicized

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A version of the Google homepage that resembled the Mac OS X UIT appeared at but was taken down less then 24 hours after it was first posted on Google’s blog.

Here is a screen grab of it in case this link dies.