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Star Wars the Old Republic

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We at the Skowronek house are Star Wars fanatics. It is not surprise that seeing this has brought smiles to most of our faces.


Feeble Attempt at Video Production

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One of my many items of never ending things-to-do has been at the request of my son, Jaryn, to produce a video “short” of him as a Jedi. Well, after hours of rotoscoping, PhotoShop editing, and more rotoscoping, to get the right light saber effects, I was able to put together this mildly feeble video short for my kids.

I used VideoLAN to capture clips and screen shots off of the original movie, then Pinnacle Studio Ultimate to compile the video. I was able to find light saber sound effects online, but I compiled the audio for the introduction using GoldWave. I also used Nero Burning ROM to create a VCD to be able to show it on our “big screen” T.V.

Star Wars Toys That Never Made It

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I just happened to have watched the Family Guy, Blue Harvest tribute to Star Wars yesterday so I think that may be why I find this to be so funny. Ran across this while Googleing one of my favorite 80’s cartoons for my son, M.A.S.K.

Star Wars toys that never made it.