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Google REALLY Likes

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Over the past few months, I have really been pushing SEO optimized content on This in an attempt to increase traffic, but also to see how quickly and how high my content gets ranked on Google for particular keywords I am targeting. It appears Google really likes us. For example, the article I posted a couple of hours ago, “How to enable SMTP authentication for Outlook 2007”, is already ranked in their top FIVE (5).

My next little SEO science project will be to target higher profile keywords (that I have yet to decide upon).

Yeah for us!

SWFObject Codebase Moves to Google Code

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While doing some Flash coding today I noticed the SWFObject homepage had a notice that all the code had moved to Google Code as the new and improved (lowercase) swfobject. For anyone not familiar with swfobject, it is (IMHO) the de facto JavaScript library/API for embedding and enabling Adobe Flash applications on the web. Version 2.0 has been completely revamped with a pretty steep upgrade path, so do not do it lightheartedly.

<swfobject> google Project Page

Introducing ‘Googleforce’

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It’s official, Google and have joined forces to offer enterprise CRM services coupled with Google’s ever so impressive Google Apps services. The possibilities are endless.

Salesforce and Google team to conquer the enterprise by ZDNet‘s Phil Wainewright

Google Docs Spreadsheet Forms

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I have been using Google Docs in a variety of ways since its release. About a month or so ago, they released a whole slew of new features, one of which was Google Forms. I finally had the chance to sit down and run through the setup. It is rather simple and pretty functional for basic users needing to collect form data on the web.

Here is a brief overview:

Google Docs Forms
Docs explorer screen


Radience Lane Google Mapped

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So I am here today at Microsoft Live Partner training in Redmond. We are going over all the great applications Microsoft is offering through the Live services for developers. That is great and all, but the reason I am writing is because in comparing Virtual Earth to Google Maps, I have discovered that my humble little street in South Jordan, Utah now has a street view. <sarcasm>Pretty sweet</sarcasm>

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