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Another Transformers Meets Big Brand Auto Manufacturer

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Yes, yet another commercial/ad with a well inserted transforming automobile to sell product. Boy, that was original.

What is a blog?

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I ran across this presentation today and thought it was a great explanation for those people that have asked me (and there are a few of you), “what is a blog?”

Another World of Warcraft-based Toyota Ad

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One can only wonder how many commercials can be based on WoW. I have not yet been sucked into the awe that is WoW, but this is quite good.

Feliz Navitoss

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Thanks dad Weeks for this splendid holiday spectacle that is Navitoss!

Custom, Undocumented YouTube Player Parameters

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Apparently, YouTube has a few undocumented parameters that can effect the display of certain elements of an embedded player. I ran across this post in their developer forums following a request by a work associate to figure out how to hide the options displayed at the end of a played movie. Here is the list of known parameters along with the URL to the actual post:

  • rel = 0/1 -> value for showing related videos
  • color1 = hexadecimal color code -> value for the base color
  • color2 = hexadecimal color code -> value for the over color
  • border = 0…x -> value for the border width
  • autoplay 0/1 -> value for automatically starting the video to play
  • eurl = -> I believe this is the referring URL. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
  • iurl = Path to the thumbnail image (I believe)

Custom URL parameters for YouTube embedded players