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Hacking the iPhone

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Got this from a friend today. Since I do not own an iPhone (but I do own a smartphone), this is a little disturbing to me.

Here is the original article on hacking the iPhone on

Thoughts of E.L.I.

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Not sure exactly what prompted my interest in this topic tonight, but I recalled a Japanese simulation I saw online a while back in which an enormous interstellar object (like an asteroid or comet) was shown to have impacted the earth. I was able to find various renditions on YouTube and am posting the one I felt had a good accompaniment.

Incidentally, it turns out there is a known asteroid that has the potential of impacting the earth (somewhere near the year 2800 AD).

Redirecting Submitted Form Data

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I have been architecting, designing, and programming Ektron CMS400.NET web applications for over a year now. Though not an expert, I feel I am to the point I can actually add value to other programmers/architects who may be running into similar issues as I have. This is my first snippet of advice.

When developing custom action pages for the built in Ektron forms, remember to set the Page directives as specified in the Administrator Manual.

page 312

If your site is using URL Aliasing, the action page’s header must include the following:
EnableEventValidation="false" EnableViewStateMac="false"

Apparently when you set the EnableViewStateMac attribute to true, the encoded and encrypted view state is not checked to verify that it has not been tampered with on the client. Otherwise .NET will not persist the Viewstate from the original .NET form to the action page specified in the Ektron form.

Though disabling the EnableEventValidation attribute may be necessary, I don’t see any real reason since the page that is handling the postback shouldn’t have any controls on it in the first place. However, in the event it does, the page’s validation must be turned off else the postback handler will not validate the form post.

Where in the world is little Jimmy Skowronek

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For those of us that really wanted to know where or what exactly my brother Jim has been doing over the past couple of months, we all finally have our answer.

Jim is at: 1:53, 2:19, 2:24-2:30, 2:40-2:45, 2:51

Makes me smile: Carpool Violators Getting Busted

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Nothing brings a smile to my face more than watching some bozo cruise along I15, alone, cut around me to jump in to the HOV lane, tout his tinted window, chrome, low profile wheeled, forest green Land Rover SUV hoping to skirt the law, only to instantaneously appear in the side view mirror of officer friendly who just happens to be in the inner lane.

He slows to cut out of the carpool lane in front of some poor, law abiding citizen nearly causing a 10 car pileup. A sigh of relief as he gradually passes the officer on the left. Whew, lucky bloke just about got busted. But wait, we have an astute, observant servant of the law who ever so smoothly slides behind Mr. Belvedere, flicks on his (or her) police lights and gloriously nails the not-so-bright law breaker for: driving in the HOV lane, reckless driving, and pissing off the guy in the beige Pathfinder behind him.

Yet another slinky to push down the stairs.

Note to self: How to perform “clean” reset an iPAQ hx2795

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So I’ve overloaded my PDA. Apparently, installing too much in the main memory can cause it to halt, and then never boot again. The problem is that with Windows Mobile 5, it has this neat “feature” that keeps data in the RAM even after a “hard reset”. This does not really help me, since I have too much in the main RAM. So, you do whats called a “clean” reset. Thanks HP for the help.

On Windows Mobile 5.0 products, a hard (full) reset stops all running programs, but does not clear user data or applications because they are stored in ROM (Persistent Store feature). A hard reset also resets all hardware registers. Users can perform a Clean Reset, in which the product is cleared to its factory defaults. A clean reset returns the HP iPAQ to the default Windows Mobile 5.0 settings with no user data or applications.

To perform a clean reset please follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Calendar button, the Power button, and the Messaging button.
  2. While holding these buttons, use the stylus to lightly press the Reset button on the bottom of the HP iPAQ.

One Republic: Apologize

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I rarely jump on the band wagon when it comes to music, but I am afraid not only did I jump, but leaped head first on to this one. Beat, melody, rhythm it has it all.

Here is the link to the one they did with Timbaland.

The Secret of NIMH, Live Action

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Apparently certain scientists were deprived as children in not having seen the The Secret of NIHM. I wonder if they would have been so anxious to further this research had they actually seen what happens when you mix rats with genetic research.

The mouse that shook the world