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Chevrolet Transformers

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I’m up late, yet again, and have run across a very cool site done by Chevrolet. I managed to pull down the SWF’s of their Transformer models. Get them while their hot.

Startcraft II

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Yes, after oh almost ten (10) years (1998), Starcraft II has been officially announced. No release date as of yet, however, there are some seriously wicked game play and introduction videos out on the site. Almost exciting as Transformers the movie.

Starcraft II

To Reminisce the Revenge of the Nerds

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The other day Nicole and I were thumbing through the channels and came across one of the oldies from my teen-hood, Revenge of the Nerds. As a software developer I have to say it hits close to home since I am regularly called a nerd by my wife. After lavishing in the splendor that is a smidgen of 80’s film making, the scene appeared where the Lambda Lambda Lambda nerds perform an amazing, synthesized, musical piece. As it finished playing I thought to myself, “that would make for one kick-ass ring tone to replace my generically boring default Treo ring-tone.” So I decided to make one! Fellow nerds, behold, the Revenge of the Nerds movie theme song ring-tone!