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My Conversation with Verizon Wireless Regarding NSA Wire-Tapping

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Today, I decided to discover just how Verizon Wireless would respond to my inquiry about their releasing my private phone records to the Federal Government, in spite of the fact I’m not being investigated for a crime, nor do they (the Fed) have a warrant for such information (remember that whole Constitution thing?)


Here is the transcript of that brief but revealing chat…

Jimmy: Good morning Jason, how can I help out?
Jason: i'd like to find out how I can be assured you aren't releasing my phone records to the NSA?
Jason: and i'm being totally serious
Jimmy: Yeah I definitely understand Jason. We as a corporation comply with all court orders by the Federal Government, and can unfortunately not comment further.
Jason: is there some sort of privacy policy I can reference?
Jason: so this is the canned answer you guys are supposed to tell everyone right?
Jimmy: I really do understand, Jason. But at this time I cannot comment further, and I do apologize.
Jason: thanks! and I realize you're doing your job. just was curious.
Jimmy: Thanks so much for your understanding Jason.

Regardless of your political affiliation, we are all now witness to the complete and utter shredding of the constitution, right in front of our faces.

In all of this, my disgust and turmoil is not necessarily aimed at Verizon Wireless, but rather the governmental power to make it so. I thought there was checks and balances that kept that from occurring.