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Facebook Badge as a WordPress Sidebar Widget

AddThis Social Bookmark Button

I tinker around a lot with WordPress. As a matter of fact, I tinker a lot and am quite good at it. I have created various custom modules (unpublished) as well as written a PHPBB to WordPress migration utility (long lost unfortunately). Lately I have been keen to develop custom sidebar widgets by mashing up social site widgets. My latest, the Facebook badge sidebar widget.

This is alpha code and is not intended for those unfamiliar with PHP and/or the WordPress API.

You will also need to be familiar with the WordPress widget API.


AddThis Bookmark Service Widget

AddThis Social Bookmark Button

Today, while reading an article on, I ran across a cool widget for the AddThis bookmarking service. I had seen it a few months ago but had forgotten about it. It is a great interaction enhancement for an embedded cross site web feature (EXSWF).

AddThis Widget