Makes me smile: Carpool Violators Getting Busted

Nothing brings a smile to my face more than watching some bozo cruise along I15, alone, cut around me to jump in to the HOV lane, tout his tinted window, chrome, low profile wheeled, forest green Land Rover SUV hoping to skirt the law, only to instantaneously appear in the side view mirror of officer friendly who just happens to be in the inner lane.

He slows to cut out of the carpool lane in front of some poor, law abiding citizen nearly causing a 10 car pileup. A sigh of relief as he gradually passes the officer on the left. Whew, lucky bloke just about got busted. But wait, we have an astute, observant servant of the law who ever so smoothly slides behind Mr. Belvedere, flicks on his (or her) police lights and gloriously nails the not-so-bright law breaker for: driving in the HOV lane, reckless driving, and pissing off the guy in the beige Pathfinder behind him.

Yet another slinky to push down the stairs.

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