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Fly MiG and Sukhoi Fighters in Moscow

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No matter who you are – they are there for you! If you are a professional pilot or a person who never flew before – they will help design your flight package according to your personal preferences. FlyMiG.Com will make special entertainment arrangements for you in Moscow, provide tours, extend your stay in Russia and visits to other cities and historical places.

Truth about smoking

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Ever wonder if other species that enjoy corroding their lungs with nicotine and tar? Wonder not.

Single source password generator

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Research your resellers before you buy

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I found this site in my search for infomation pertaining to the demise of LS Micro. There are reviews on companies from:
LS Micro (5.13)
EBC Computers (2.57) (9.46)

I found out where my leatherman went to that was confiscated

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I think I found out what happened to my confiscated leatherman. Too bad they are not selling them individually:

30 Multi-Purpose Tools Including Leatherman – NTSA

View a screen-grab.

My computer parts store has bit the dust

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If anyone has any news on the demise of my favorite computer parts store, please feel free to post.


Search all of Google’s sites from one interface

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Ever wish you could search all of the google search modules form a single interface? might just be what you’ve been ‘searching’ for.