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Jammin’ to Winger

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So I was at the gym today, jammin’ to some good ol’ 80’s hair band music when a song by the legendary Winger, ‘Baptized by Fire’, was queued. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on music, nor do I profess to approve my taste in music, but I will say that I do listen to Winger, and I do still enjoy Ratt every now-and-then.

But I digress, so I was listening to the song, when Kip (as he is named) commenced to break out into a session of Rack (or Rap/Rock). At first I thought, ‘oh my, this is horrible.’ But then, it dawned on me, ‘this sounds just like Kid Rock’. The same rocky, racky music that made Kid Rock famous, is now about to make me hurl as I tread along the elliptical trainer listening to Kip Winger bust a move. Kid Rock, Kip Winger..coincidence, I think NOT!!!

Microsoft Marketing…hmmm

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I receive regular newsletters from the Redmond behemoth and a recent conference invitation caught my attention. I’m not entirely sure what the message is here, but their email header image looks like this. How many connotations can one take from ‘Advancing the platform’ with this kind of imagery. You be the judge.

All I can say is unbelievable

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all because one of these:

I wonder what they’ll do when people do something that REALLY angers them.

Andrea Yates – Are you saving yet?

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I found this combination interesting: a news article about Andrea Yates along side an advertisement for educational savings plans for children.

Maybe its just me, but i doubt people are contemplating saving money for their kids while reading about this sickening murder of five innocent lives.

Worst Jobs in History

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2,000 years of British history and the worst jobs of each era. What could anyone else ask for!

Update: 01-06-06

It appears that the Discovery Channel has also done a similar special regarding this exact topic.

"I like Silly Putty…"

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While in school (that is high school), some friends and I entered the “Mr. Hillcrest” contest. Part of the contest was to do a one minute monolog relating to a particular word we were given. When it came to me the word was paperclip. What a disaster. I was never one for being put on the spot. My friend Leon Uriarte was given the word ‘silly putty‘. It was one of the most hilarious things I had ever heard. The line I will remember for the rest of my life was “I love silly puddy”.

This little experiment was deemed the “Silly Putty Physics Experiment”.


Prep school teen naively embarcs Iraqi study abroad program

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I’m not exactly sure what to comment on this other than I have an overwhelming gut instinct that santa wasn’t able to visit him this Christmas.

Let the flaming begin…

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In continuance of my rip session on Zorro, here is another session.

Since when do they where Nike tennis shoes in the 1800s (or whenever Zorro took place?)