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First Portable Gaming System

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Last year, we (Nicole) bought the kids their very own portable Disney game systems. A month or so ago we finally decided they were old enough to play with them. Unfortunately, we did not plan for the way Beauen would react to the newly introduced play-things.

Beauen’s First Portable Game System from Skowronek on Vimeo.

Showing Me the Moon

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Yesterday at lunch, Nicole and I were fortunate enough to have witnessed our sweet daughter/princess, Brianne, stand up on her dining ‘bench’, turn around, lift up her church dress/skirt and commence wagging her behind at us chanting/singing ‘it’s my pineapple underpants…pineapple underpants’ repeatedly. The positive effects of the Disney Channel and Goofy on the minds of our youth.

My children, are from another world.