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When 3 Times Isn’t The Charm

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So I think my back is officially dead from shoveling so much snow. It has snowed 5 (or more) weeks straight! Or at least it feels that way. Today, it was a blizzard here in South Jordan. We actually made it to church this morning, only to have our bishopric send us home after sacrament meeting because they were worried nobody would be able to get home. Rightly so, the parking lot was a mess. Thank goodness I put new tires on our vehicles this year (call it men’s intuition.)

When we arrived home, our driveway looked like a this. I thought of attempting to push through it, but thankfully for me, I decided to wait until I plowed a little out of the 3′ snow drift that had covered it.

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Yet Another Firefox Bug (YAFB)

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Mozilla ups unpatched Firefox flaw to ‘high severity’; Preps fix by ZDNet‘s Larry Dignan — Mozilla has given a proof of concept Firefox vulnerability a “high severity” rating because an attacker can collect session information such as cookies and history, according to Mozilla security chief Window Snyder. Snyder said the vulnerability will be patched with Firefox, which will be pushed out “shortly.” On Jan. 22, Snyder confirmed a proof of concept […]