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Day 10 : 01.19.2005

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Great day to workout, terrible day to smash your PDA in the arm curl machine. What an IDIOT! Yeah, I smashed my iPAQ in between the machine and the swing arm of the curl machine. I’ve got some pictures to put on here as soon as I have time. As for our workout, Ryan and I did upper body and I can’t believe how fast my body is ‘remembering’. I think at 4 weeks I should be back to my old strengh for upper body. Now as for my physique, that’s going to take a bit longer.

Day 9 : 01.18.2005

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I decided 20 minutes just wasn’t enough for me, especially when it takes me so long to get warmed up. So Ryan and I are now doing 30 minute cardio days.

Gmail Invitations

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I have like 20 or so gmail invitation left from all my gmail accounts. Anyone interested let me know and I’ll consider sending you one.

Be sure to checkout my Body for Life blog.

Day 8 : 01.17.2005

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Another day of legs down. I can’t believe how fast my body is ‘remembering’ how to workout. I’m not getting all too sore as I’ve been focusing on gradual increases. As I am trying not to track my weight loss progress on a daily basis, I will say that my belt size has dropped almost 2 inches. Either because I’m eating better or because my abs are tightening up. Whatever the reason, not a bad thing to happen after only a week.

Day 6 : 01.15.2005

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Ryan and I weren’t able to hook-up today as I completely spaced our time.

I did finally end up going (after finishing Diamonds are Forever on TNT.)

I’m starting to love the eliptical machines more and more (again).

Day 5 : 01.14.2005

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Another upper body day down…plenty more to come. It appears I may be able to recuperate my strength back over a short period, lets just see about the weigth and physique!!!

Day 4 : 01.13.2005

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Trying to get me out of bed this morning was about as hard as trying to pull a bull elephant buried neck deep in mud.

I did not want to get up…but I did.

Ryan ended up calling in sick today so I did my cardio routine alone . I actually did pretty good. Though my immenseness causes the floor to shake as I wabble from side-to-side, I managed to finish 20 minutes on the eliptical machine (floating running machine thing-a-ma-bob.)

Day 3 : 01.12.2005

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Ryan and I worked our legs today. Again, as it is my first week getting into this so I’m not expecting any great results. My energy levels are growing higher each day I do this. Hopefully by next weeks routines I’ll be able to start ‘killing myself’ to see some pretty outstanding results.