“I not got goobs”

Tonight, during dinner, Nicole made reference to the dress (tutu) Brianne was wearing. Mainly, the fact it was showing her *ahem*, ‘boobs’. I proceeded to argue that that our child does not have ‘boobs’, rather a chest. Brianne then immediately countered with, “I not got GOOBS.” To which Nicole and I began to laugh hysterically at our clueless little princess.

Thus, the moral of our story, even when you feel your children are too young to comprehend your complex parental intercommunications; they are, and you’re not.

CleanFlix version of 300

I’m stuck at work doing a late night deployment (whoo hoo!) and whilst waiting I ran across a blog that had a video to undoubtedly the most hilarious teaser of the most excellent movie, 300.

Clearing start menu in Windows Mobile 5

I recently installed a bunch of new utilities on my hx2795 and somehow screwed up my start menu to where the recent items was continually growing and growing each time I would click on the start menu. After uninstalling almost everything I still saw the problem. After scouring the registry and clearing every feasible reference, I was still unable to get the recent menu to go away! I finally found a utility that fixed the problem.

Link 1 | Link 2 | ClearTemp | Scott Seligman

Hu’s on first parody…quite laughable

If you have ever seen or heard to the old “Who’s on First” bit between Abbott and Costello, you’ll enjoy this parody done with more current political figures. Granted this really cannot compare to the impeccable timing and prowess of Bud and Lou, but still, it’s humorous.

Disclaimer: May be offensive to some.

I’m sick of so-called pro-family NFPO’s

Today, I received my last official e-mail SPAM from AFA (America Family Association). I’m officially removing myself form their forsaken, over hyped, hyper-reactive, illogical, insecure, anti-societal stronghold. This last e-mail was the straw that broke the camel’s back, hammered the nail on the coffin, whatever idiom you wish to apply on this. My response to them can be read below:

My goodness! It’s a documentary. Documentaries are made to be informational, theory or factual based perceptions of societal hot-topics. This is a scientific discovery that in no way slams my belief in Christ. I can choose to believe in it (or watch it for that fact) or not. Please try to focus on things that really matter. The greatest threat to Christianity is disbelief, not information. Christ and god are real, thus no amount of information, science, etc can curtail that belief in Christ. The fact you are trying so hard to combat this belittles the concept of "faith" and belief in god based on faith. Perhaps a better approach, rather than attempting an information coup, would be to offer your rebuttal through well produced Christian focused documentaries and such. Just because someone takes the initiative to produce a documentary about hard evidence and vague theory, doesn’t make them the anti-christ.

Incidentally, my e-mail bounced back due to a "Account has reached the allocation limit"

PS: I have decided to allow comments on this one, as I know many of you will have something to say to this.

Kyle Bone Anti-Shirt

Thanks to Kyle Bone’s (bone-ay) anti-shirt, I was able to finish the night laughing my head off, and so should you.

“Wax on…wax off” has just taken an entirely new meaning

Sent from a work associate as a counter to one of those “80’s” flashback links.

I can’t believe they were able to pull all the old cast members together for this. Amazing!

Behold Sweep the leg

For Sale By Owner

Following over a year of construction, 3 loan extensions, stressful nights, deep conversations, and a lot of hard work by Skowronek Builders, the McMillan Farms house is finally to the point we can get rid of it (hallelujah!) Even though the original plan might have been to actually move into the behemoth, the construction costs, added interest due to delays, and housing prices have put this puppy officially out of our league. So we’ve officially decided to sell our dream home. Though we won’t be able to enjoy it, I’m sure some lucky family out there will.

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