Day 27 : 02.05.2005

Another cardio day down the tube. I’ve finding it harder and harder to actually write in here. For those of you reading this, sorry for the delays!

Day 26 : 02.04.2005

My legs after today’s workout…

That’s all I have to say today.

Day 25 : 02.03.2005

Another cardio day. I need to increase my intensity. I was able to breeze through this time. Ryan and I have decided to change our abs day to our cardio day too. That way we aren’t at the gym so long on our leg (lower body) days.

Day 24 : 02.02.2005

Ryan and I did an little heavier lift today on upper body. I’m hoping to be back up on bench in a month or so. I’m topping out at 205 right now (I tried to do 215 6 times and about killed myself.) I would REALLY like to get back up to 275 repetitions.


Day 23 : 02.01.2005

Another great day of elipticization. Can’t wait for upper body tomorrow.

Day 22 : 01.31.2005


Day 20 : 01.29.2005

Another free-day! Whoo hoo! Well, not really that whoo hoo as I had a bowl of cereal the entire day until our bonko dinner date at Spaghetti Factory. Anyway, I did cardio alone today as Ryan has ‘other plans’ with Amy (later, I heard those ‘plans’ had something to do with seeing Meet the Fockers). Hey, at least I went. I decided to do some abs and some light leg extensions to see if could start getting my thighs back up.

Day 19 : 01.28.2005

Ryan and I did a pretty good upper body routine today. I wasn’t feeling as strong as I was our last upper body workout, probably because I went so heavy last time. That’s okay, it will give me more time to recuperate for next time.