Call of Duty: The most intense FPS

Been playing this one for a bit now and I have to say it’s one of the more addicting multiplayer FPS’s I’ve played in a while.

Site Update: Online Image Gallery

We’ve added a new online image gallery with over 600 images for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully with some actual content we’ll get more visitors eh!

Feel free to comment and such.

Site Migration

We’ve decided to give the website a facelift. For those of you that visited the site we built for Jaryn, this won’t be new as it is pretty much the same site only … better.

We hope to have the gallery online soon! Please feel free to comment and tell us what you’d like to see. This site, afterall, is for the fans. :D

Little Engine That Could

It was only a matter of time before Jaryn and his little friends figured out how to climb up every piece of accessible furniture in our humble abode. Time to toddler-proof the house.

The First Years…Stepping Stool

The day of devious creativity is at hand. Jaryn has astonished us to the point of submission. And thanks to the newly discovered (and partly parent induced) awareness of ‘The First Years’ stepping stool, is no longer restricted by his young, vertically challenged frame. An entirely new world has opened up to this petite yet determined dwelling explorer. What once started as a wee lift onto the couch, and climb up the side of the bed has turned into scaling kitchen tables with a single bound. Even the oven seems like child’s play thanks to the handy ‘oven door’ onto which he grapples and heaves his lightweight body. Nicole and I are left dumbstruck as we scramble to toddler-proof the once safe and secure baby-proof playground we call home.

If You Build It They Will Come…

After a long drawn out process of creative and technology head-banging, the Jaryn Skowronek Official Website is up and running. Feel welcome to peruse the pages of with enthusiasm and glee.

Any comments would be most appreciated as well.