Actual working bi-ped Mecha

As I worked over 60 hours this week, I haven’t had time to really even see anything out there interesting to write about. I did have this in my inbox from a while ago so I figured I’d put it online. Not quite the Robotech Mecha that I would like to see, but hey, its a step forward in the right direction.

Weird Indian Tatto-ish Break Dancer

I always come across the oddest things while shopping online. This time I was hunting a promotional coupon to my purchase and ran across a post. Something is definitely demented about this clip. You be the judge.

Buddy Icon Collage – 2006-09-27

A collage of sorts, made up of various buddy icons I’ve used over the past few months. I try to keep them fresh and exciting for all of you with whom I chat.

Enjoy while they last.

Amazing Honda Choir Commercial

While driving home from work today I heard a plug on the radio for a commercial done by Honda. Apparently, they hired some famous choir to do one of their snazzy commercials. It was also being hosted on YouTube and freely available. So I did a search on YouTube for ‘honda choir’ and voila, the first item on my search results was this:

Now isn’t that just amazing. Well, that’s not the reason I’m writing, for in the related channel bar was another movie, one that made me laugh so hard I about fell off my chair. Now keep in mind, its important you watch the Honda version first, then the parody after.

Great stuff!!!

Naked Gun, eat your heart out

As a seasoned netizen, I feel it my moral obligation to post this clip. I feel so incredibly bad for her. The ones who should be blamed are the technical crew monitoring her every broadcast (or perhaps not monitoring in this instance.)

Wake up Salt Lake City, your “Mayor” has spoken

I really don’t have time to elaborate on today’s speach by Mr. Anderson, but I want to quote a line that made my blood boil:

“…that person is a sycophant, that person is a member of a frightening culture of obedience, a culture where falling in line with authority is more important then choosing what is right even if it is not easy, safe or popular…”

 Wake up SLC, Utah, he is talking to ever single one of you who DON’T support his anti-war, anti-freedom, anti-democracy agenda. Perhaps this will finally open your eyes to the belligerance of this man who you have placed in office.

Battery Driven Car : Tesla

Yes, I realize this is an fairly stale article, but I had originally planned on posting a while ago but had forgotten about it. I don’t think $80k puts it within my price range, nor the fact it runs on highly volatile lithium ion batteries, but hey, its still pretty darn spectacular.

See the wired article

Converting .NET DateTime to UNIX Timestamp

Note to self:
How to convert .NET DateTime to UNIX timestamp (as in PHP, etc.)
int timestamp = (DateTime.UtcNow – new DateTime(1970,1,1,0,0,0)).TotalSeconds
and convert a Unix timestamp to an ASP.NET DateTime value:
DateTime date = (new DateTime(1970,1,1,0,0,0)).AddSeconds(datestamp)