Body for Life

After years of slothfulness and utter disregard for our physical health, Nicole and I have decided to participate in the 2005 Body for Life Challenge. Because this is a competition in which we have a legitimate chance of taking home a prize, we have decided to get those around us involved by posting our progress on this site. This in hopes that your encouragement will keep our enthusiasm level high, while eliminating the need for cookies!

More to come soon…

Technosexual Revolution

I just received and email from my boss that defines myself and those of my kind (technogeeks). Well the definition has officially been categorized. I am now part of the ‘technosexual’ revolution!

Towel Heads

“Towel Heads”

Recently I received a warning about the use of this politically incorrect term. Please try to pay attention to your language!

We have been informed that the Islamic terrorists do not like to be called “Towel Heads.” The item they wear on their heads is actually a small folded sheet.

Therefore, from this point forward, please refer to them as “little sheet heads.”

Thank you for your support!

Topic Rules

Items posted must be clean (at least clean enough for my sensitive ears) and non-offensive (again, non-offensive to me). Violating messages will be deleted.

Have fun and enjoy.

Doom 3

So I broke down and bought the long awaited sequel to the originals. Nicole was not too please since I have had absolutely no time at all for the past few months (work projects, school etc), but I had to find out just how ‘spectacular’ this masterpiece really was.

Well, in regards to the graphics engine, it is unbelievable! However, I am not sure it has the appeal that the Unreal series or Half-Live had for me. Sure graphics are amazing, but the game play is monotonous and quite redundant. Granted I have only put in a couple of hours in front of the screen, but the lack of Deus Ex interaction and the Call of Duty maneuverability (leaning, ducking, lying, etc) has left me wanting more.a

Again, this is after 2 or so hours of playing, I might have a different opinion, give me some time.


Nicole and I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Skowronek family, Brianne Nicole Skowronek. After a somewhat lengthy 6 hour delivery, she finally decided let nature take its course and be born, Wednesday, June 23 at 3:23 am. She weighed in at 7lbs 15oz and was
20.5 inches long/tall.

Both Nicole and Brianne are doing great! We are working on recovering from our lack of sleep and help Jaryn adjust to having a new little sister in the house. Other than that, things have been perfect!

Hopefully, we can find time to post some pictures.

Another Addition To The Skowronek Family On The Way

Yes it’s true! Nicole and I are expecting another little tyke. We’ve already been to two ultrasounds and have been informed we are having a little girl!!! Boy that will put off the pressure of having to go for three or four in order to have the diversity in this family that I invisioned there would be.

DSL Configuration with multi-line home

Over the weekend I spent a few hours at the in-laws place trying to get their brand-spanking new DSL modem from Earthlink setup. What I expected to take at most an hour ended up being over 5 hours, and I wasn’t even able to get them on DSL!

Here’s the deal…they have a multi-line phone system. Each phone line has standard 4 pair phone wire, both of which have active connections running.

The first problem I ran into was that Earthlink had setup the DSL on the wrong line! I couldn’t just plug in a phone cable into the back of the DSL and have it work.

Second, the DSL filters that come with the system only allow one line through. They aren’t configured to work with multiple lines.

So I’m stuck having to figure out how to connect the right line that is carrying the DSL signal to the DSL modem WITHOUT killing both lines going through a particular jack (specifically the one in the office.) I’ll present more as I figure this out.