Doom 3

So I broke down and bought the long awaited sequel to the originals. Nicole was not too please since I have had absolutely no time at all for the past few months (work projects, school etc), but I had to find out just how ‘spectacular’ this masterpiece really was.

Well, in regards to the graphics engine, it is unbelievable! However, I am not sure it has the appeal that the Unreal series or Half-Live had for me. Sure graphics are amazing, but the game play is monotonous and quite redundant. Granted I have only put in a couple of hours in front of the screen, but the lack of Deus Ex interaction and the Call of Duty maneuverability (leaning, ducking, lying, etc) has left me wanting more.a

Again, this is after 2 or so hours of playing, I might have a different opinion, give me some time.


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