Walmart Steak Brander

Mexican Red Kneed Tarantula

Celebrate the World Cup

Tonight, we were stopped at an intersection on our way home from visiting my brother in the hospital. In the turn lane I noticed a fairly nice speed-bike, ridden by what appeared to be a fairly athletic guy who appeared to be on his way home from playing soccer (at least from the shin-guards he was wearing.) Without missing a beat, the following brief conversation took place:

Nic-“…Soccer players’ legs are HOT!”

Me-“…???” (turning my head slowly towards her to show my disbelief at her comment)

Nic-“…I mean…I like soccer players’ legs…”


First Drive By Shooting

I had always wondered when I would be fortunate enough to happan across an event worthy of my putting my life at risk in order to take a once-in-a-life shot. Well, I finally had such an experience. On my way to a lumber store the other day, I ran across someone either in the middle of a move, or doing their laundry on the go. I really tried to get a side shot of this but was not successful.

 Who needs a pickup?

Adios PHPBB, Hello WordPress

So I finally decided to take the plunge into the unknown. Granted it was more like a fathomless abyss than the unknown, but you get the point. I have spent the past couple of days creating the ‘Skowronek PHPBB to WordPress’
migration application using .NET and I am quite pleased with the results. If anyone is interested in how I did it, sent me an e-mail and I’ll consider posting my findings. The only caveat is that the PHPBB data was stripped of all comments in the migration, but then again, I mostly had moles posting casino, corn (with a P), and other such rubbish anyway, so no harm no foul.

Okay, okay, okay…

So real quick, am I the only one on the face of the planet that has never taken the time to find out what the word “OKAY” really means? I mean come on! I’m somewhat of a smart guy, graduated with honors, and I really had no clue what good ol’ Websters defined it to mean. Granted, I ‘assumed’ it meant, ‘all is well’, or ‘sure, why not’, or ‘yeah, now shut-up’.

I decided to look it up, and behold, Wikipedia has answered my call. For anyone who really cares to research as I have, its quite an interesting read.

Daybreak makes CNN

Described as the ‘mega-suburb’ by CNN, Daybreak holds a special place in my heart for my family and I are to be permanent residents in that thar land (pending approval of adequate funding along with my right arm.)

I’m not sure I agree with the comment that it’s “twice the size of San Francisco”, but I will say, that when completed, we will be in the coolest little towns in the entire Salt Lake Valley. Not to mention, 1/2 mile away from the Biggest Movie Theater in the Universe™.

Jammin’ to Winger

So I was at the gym today, jammin’ to some good ol’ 80’s hair band music when a song by the legendary Winger, ‘Baptized by Fire’, was queued. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on music, nor do I profess to approve my taste in music, but I will say that I do listen to Winger, and I do still enjoy Ratt every now-and-then.

But I digress, so I was listening to the song, when Kip (as he is named) commenced to break out into a session of Rack (or Rap/Rock). At first I thought, ‘oh my, this is horrible.’ But then, it dawned on me, ‘this sounds just like Kid Rock’. The same rocky, racky music that made Kid Rock famous, is now about to make me hurl as I tread along the elliptical trainer listening to Kip Winger bust a move. Kid Rock, Kip Winger..coincidence, I think NOT!!!