Remember Jack Handy?

by Jack Handey

LDS will no longer constitute Utah majority by 2030

An interesting article on the population statistics of Utah. Now I’ve always known the LDS poplation was dwindling, but to what extent I never knew. As an active member and resident of Utah, I only hope this shift will not effect the lifestyle all these people are moving to Utah to enjoy.

Looking for a good Macintosh Mod

If you have ever needed an idea for modding your old G4 this is the place for you.

I decided to pull this link as the forum had some not-so-nice people posting rude and foul things. So sorry.

Running "Utes" to be come running Jaffa

In a step to avoid being blocked from competing in the NCAA championships, today the University of Utah has changed their mascot from the historic “Ute” to the running “Jaffa”. As the Jaffa are a race of alien beings that are not from this planet, they stand in no danger of being boycotted by the fair and balanced NCAA sports management office.

CNET Top 10 .com Busts

Very interesting read. I’ve not even heard of half of these sites. As I didn’t really live in San Francicso, none of them would have been very practical for me.

What a joke; billboard, website, lameness oh my

I think I’m going to reserver the domain ‘’. COME ON PEOPLE!!!

10th Planet to be named ‘Lucas’

In reverence to the almighty Geogre Lucas, the California Institute of Technology has decided to name the latest find after the famed director/writer in their search for Kolab.

Aquafina to send exploration unit to Mars

I wonder if they’ll find the Hoth monster when they finally get down there to investigate.