The Little Engine That Could

We have tried everything in our power to toddler-proof the house. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to toddler-proof the water/ice dispenser on the refrigerator, as you can plainly see.

Our Little Beauen from Skowronek on Vimeo.

John Schmidt Concert 2008

John Schmidt Concert

John Schmidt Concert

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Nicole and I were invited to attend a “private” concert presented by John Schmidt, a fairly well known pianist/composer. He was quite the fellow. I wish I had my video camera to film some of his antics. He played upside down, songs he has never published (I asked him to play his first composition), among other songs.

He was a great guy and we were thoroughly entertained.

Death to Buddy Lee

death to buddy lee

Boston Deli Lemon Bars, the bomb

Daybreak Trax Station

Disneyland Trip 2008

Over Jaryn’s break from school, Nicole and I took the family to southern California to enjoy Disneyland (and California Adventure), Legoland, and the beach. With the addition of Beauen to our small but ever growing family, it was apparent it would be more cost effective to haul everyone by van, than attempt to drag them, our luggage, and car seats on a plane.

We had originally intended to get up early and drive the entire day to get to Garden Grove. Yeah, well that did not work out so well. We made it about 1/2 of the way there stopping in Las Vegas at one of the higher class establishments, La Quinta Inn, to stay the night. I won’t elaborate on that stay, suffice to say sometimes a little more out of the pocket book is better.

California Trip 2008


How Little Voters Knew About Issues

Apparently there are people that were not informed on the issues when they voted his almighty into office.

Documentary reveals how little Obama voters knew about issues.

President Benson on Socialism

Thanks Jason for this audio clip. I went to YouTube and was able to locate the full (or most of the) speech President Benson gave. Pay close attention from 2:00 on. Interesting comparison of how this is happening in our day in age. Granted, this was probably given at the height of the Cold War, nonetheless, it has truth as we watch our nation fold to socialist ideas and policies.