Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom

I created an account but the server was down for some reason. Always have to at least reserve my name!

Lost a password? This site if for you.

I’ve not actually used this site’s services, but it could come in handy for those that have need for it.

The first programming riddle on the net

Very cool. I’ve only gotten through the first couple (due to lack of time.) Let me know if anyone finished it.

Google Content Blocker…I love it!

Not that anyone would ever need this service.

Ever heard of the oil cooled computer

I’m rocket scientist, but this just can’t be good for your computer.

Hacksense for AdSense

Google cracks down pretty heavily on abusers of their AdSense services. This site claims to provide means to do so without ruining your reputation with Google.

Digital Photography center: Backyard photography

Turn your LPs into MP3s