The Bucket List Effect, In a Weird Round About Way

So Nicole and I watched The Bucket List late tonight. Yeah it was a great movie, we both loved it. After the movie I decided I wanted to get that song by John “Oscar” Mayer “Wiener” out of my head, so I headed to to reminisce “the day”. For some reason Journey came to mind. Specifically, “Faithfully”. I search for Journey songs, not to hard to find, and began to enjoy the melodic mood.

By then, Nicole had entered the room and overheard the song blasting through my PC speakers. She asked if I had heard the new song with their new singer. We commenced searching and researching the new lead singer for Journey, and how he came to stardom. But I digress (I’ve always loved being able to say that…)

Why is all of this important? Well, all the searching on Journey brought back from memory the 80’s rock group that changed me forever. You see, before I was introduced to them by my evil middle school influential friend of mine named Marc (at least so I was told by my mom), I had only been preview to your ever boring radio music forcibly brought on upon me by her (though all not so entirely poor in style and texture.)

The band that influenced me to grow the hair. Whose sound raised my temper, heighten my senses, increased my adrenaline, and ultimately, released the inner man in me (at that time I believe I was 13 or 14 about to enter high school.) The band who would ultimately “save me”, if you can believe, was Cinderella!!!

Of course there was Slaughter, White Lion, Poison, Skid Rowe, and the list goes on and on. But the one group that caused the great demise of my innocence was Cinderella.

Yeah, stop laughing, 1980’s hair band, short lived fame, scratchy, screechy vocals, but one hell of a sound. I found the songs that brought it all back for me tonight. Some of you may enjoy these, others may want to stay as far back from me in the next few days as possible.


Somebody Save Me

Nobody’s Fool

And of course, my ultimate favorite of them..

Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)

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