Greatest Wife on the Planet

Really quick, I wanted to proclaim to the world (okay, to my few but consistent readership) that I have the greatest wife in the world. Not only did she remember fathers day, but she made it wonderful day for me!

It started with me sleeping in…WHOO HOO!!! Next, I was treated to our new family favorite, Strawberry and Banana covered German Pancakes, complete with Strawberry and whip cream toppings. (Owen, eat your heart out.)

The day then progressed with me lounging around the house, doing whatever floated my fancy (mostly sleeping as I was exhausted from late night freelance work), and hanging with the kids.

There was more, but that alone was a day to remember. Thanks my hot wife!


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One Response to “Greatest Wife on the Planet”

  1. Nicole Says:

    How ironic….I happen to be married to the greatest husband on the planet! I love you my hot hubby!