The Philadelphia Experiment to Time Traveller

Nicole and I needed a movie to watch tonight, so I decided to pull one out of the archives that my brothers and I had watched countless times growing up called, “The Philadelphia Experiment“. It’s a good thing Nicole and I love the paranormal because this one definitely pushes the limits.

The story, take Einstein’s unified field theory and use it to turn a 1940’s war ship invisible.

The movie is great, acting is so so. However, the reason I am writing about this is that we let our curiosity drive our interest the hour or so following the movie, curiosity which led us to cool discovery channel-esque productions the “supposed” experiment that might possibly have actually happened.

And another informative source on the subject of The Philadelphia Experiment.

After spending some time on this, Nicole managed to run across some video of some guy who actually claimed he traveled through time.

Well, before you get all excited about this, as I am the biggest sceptic I know, I Googled the guy they portay in the movie. Turns out it ended up being a massive viral video campaign for some Swedish funds company. Amazing! As I work for a marketing firm that has been delving into the viral marketing arena for the past few years, this was one of the more amazing implementations of it I had ever seen. Well done, well done!

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  1. Nicole Says:

    I love our little paranormal fetish :)