Miss Spectacular 2008

After roughly a month-and-a-half of planning, coordination, and a few stressful days and nights, the Miss Spectacular 2008 competition went off without a hitch. Created to celebrate the thirtieth birthday of my beloved wife, Nicole, it serves as a reminder that nothing, and I mean NOTHING is to risque, taboo, or off-color for our rather crazy group of friends.

The pageant contestants were from all across the globe. A rather trashy filly from Costa Rica. A sweet and innocent beauty from Australia. A reserved and unrecognizable something from Afghanistan. A rather tempting “sister” from Texas. And last but not least, the blond German tank.

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One Response to “Miss Spectacular 2008”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Miss Germany is HOT!!! How do I get her number?

    I have the best husband in the WORLD! Love you :)