Reddiwip, use #259

Over the weekend, I cooked one of our family favorites, breakfast burritos, for our Sunday morning, sluff/slough church, breakfast. I will usually scramble up 8 – 9 eggs, cook some sort breakfast sausage, throw on some shredded Mexican cheese blend, spread a little salsa, and lay it all on a fresh cooked tortilla.

Sounds pretty tantalizing doesn’t it? Well, it usually is under normal circumstances. This past Sunday there was a slight difference in the recipe that made for an interesting breakfast to say the least. Under normal cooking conditions I will cook the eggs with a little milk to “puff up” and give a richer flavor. My dilemma was we were out of milk and the only thing in our fridge that had anything dairy in it was…you guessed it

NOT an alternative to milk when cooking scrampled eggs

Reddi Wip whipping spread/cream/foam.

So according to’s article on cooking the ‘Perfect Scrambled Eggs’, using whipping cream was NOT on the list of things not to use. Now how was I supposed to know?!

Suffice it to say, I’ll not be using whipping cream (at least out of a can) for my scrambled eggs in the future. I think I’ll give powdered milk a go around first.

It reminds me of the time I blended up some of Nicole’s famous tortilla soup with my remaining fake crab in bulk from Costco while she was pregnant a few years ago. Probably not the same effect with her, but still, a learning experience in the kitchen.

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2 Responses to “Reddiwip, use #259”

  1. Owen Graupman Says:

    Regular heavy cream works well in place of milk…gives the eggs a rich texture you don’t get with milk.

  2. Skowronek Says:

    I agree, and I might actually try that next time. The “wip” was just chock full of sugar and other non-dairy goodness.