Using Visual Studio.NET to Debug JavaScript

I have been using the Visual Studio JavaScript debugger for years (since VS 6.0). Apparently, a lot of developers with which I have spoken are oblivious to the fact that, in fact, you can debug many things from VS.NET (JS being one of them). Rather than put up a lengthy tutorial, I figured I would at least share what the keystroke combination is to access the Script Explorer from within VS.NET.

First, you’ll need to actually be attached to Internet Explorer (will not work with Firefox, at least to my knowledge) in script mode. Once attached, you then hit the CTRL + ALT + N keys to bring up the Script Explorer window. This will list out all the files IE has loaded at that time. You can then open up any HTML, JS, etc. files and set breakpoints to debug at runtime.

Amazing and pretty dang useful at the same time. Feel free to comment if you find this useful.

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